Sahar Tavakoli

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Sahar Tavakoli is a Law Society accredited solicitor in the mental health department with extensive knowledge and experience in mental health law.  Sahar commenced her career as a caseworker in 2010 at a leading national law firm, qualifying as a solicitor specialising in mental health law in 2013.


Sahar deals with a wide range of issues concerning mental health law including:


·         Advising voluntary patients in hospitals;

·         Assisting with appeals against detention in hospital;

·         Representing civil and forensic patients detained under the Mental Health Act 1983 before the First Tier Tribunal (Mental Health) and Hospital Managers;

·         Assisting with Nearest Relative displacement applications;

·         Assisting Nearest Relative applications to the First-tier Tribunal (Mental Health);

·         Advising and assisting with challenges of s.117 Mental Health Act 1983 after-care responsibilities;

·         Advising on unlawful detention cases;

·         Representing individuals at s.117 and Care Programme Approach (CPA) meetings;

·         Challenging the remission of Transfer Direction patients to prison;

·         Challenging Ministry of Justice decisions with regards to forensic patients;

·         Challenging decisions made with regards to care and treatment in hospital and community settings;

·         Challenging decisions of the First-tier Tribunal (Mental Health).

Sahar takes a holistic approach when assisting and advising her clients, ensuring their best interest are upheld at all times. She recognises the importance of being sensitive to her client’s needs and is committed to achieving realistic and positive outcomes on their behalf.    


Sahar enjoys organising and taking part in various fundraising events, to help raise funds and awareness for charities assisting those with mental health difficulties.  She also provides training to mental health charities, to equip them with knowledge and skills to assist service users in the community setting.


Sahar has won a number of awards including being recognised as a ‘Rising Star’ by Super Lawyers / Thomson Reuters.

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